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"A great mystery is being celebrated. How is it a mystery? They come together, and the two are made one. They have not become the image of anything earthly, but of God Himself. They come in order to be made one body; behold the mystery of love!" (St. John Chrysostom, Homily 12 on Colossians)

Holy Matrimony in the Orthodox Church

Marriage is truly a “great mystery,” the mystery of the meeting of human love and divine love, the very sign and image of God’s presence with humanity. In the Old Testament, Israel was referred to as God’s “spouse,” while in the New Testament, the Church is referred to as the “bride” of Christ. These images attempt to convey in human categories what the Church Fathers refer to as the “frenzied love” of God for His people. Marriage is much more than a merely private transaction or contract between two individuals; it is an event in which Jesus Christ Himself participates through the presence of the sacramental minister, the priest, and that of the praying community, the church. In view of this “ecclesial” dimension of marriage, therefore, a wedding must be performed within the context of the Orthodox Church in order for the Church to recognize and affirm the validity and authenticity of the marriage.

Wedding Fees

  • $100 for bride

  • $100 for groom

  • $100 for koumbaros/koumbara

All baptized and confirmed Orthodox Christians who are 18 years of age and older participating in the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony must be members in good standing of Sts. Peter and Paul Greek Orthodox Church, having paid their current annual dues to the Community.


Please contact our church office by phone or email for any questions.

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