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Altar Servers

It is a great honor and privilege to serve in the Holy Altar, but a great responsibility too...

When we gather to pray together in the Church, especially, on Sunday in the Divine Liturgy, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ gives us the opportunity to communicate and grow our relationship with God, the Holy Trinity. By praying as a family, we are able to feel and experience the great joy of being with the Lord and sharing in His eternal love.  This is the same joy that the Mother of God and Theotokos, the Holy Apostles Saints Peter and Paul and all the Saints share in heaven. 

The Altar Server’s main role is:

a) to pray and serve in the Holy Altar

b) to help the Priest in the Divine Liturgy and Holy Services

As servers in the Church, your behavior in the Altar will be a strong example to the parish family. One must bear in mind that the Holy Altar is the most holy place, and that it is required that one stand therein with the utmost reverence. To help the Altar Server understand the seriousness and importance of their role in the Worship of the Greek Orthodox Church, Altar Server retreats are held periodically.

Becoming an Altar Server

If you are interested in serving in the Holy Altar at Sts. Peter and Paul, please contact our church office by phone or email for more information.

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