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Community Church Council

Greek Orthodox Christians who have the honor and privilege of serving the Church of Christ through service on Church Community Councils hold a special trust that involves understanding both their place in the Church Community, as well as the place of the Church Community in the Greek Orthodox Church. These matters are the foundations for the Council’s support of the priest in his role as the bishop’s representative to the Parish and for the continuation of the Faith.


The place of the Council and the Council members in the Church Community is to preserve the Apostolic Tradition that is represented by the Holy Orders transmitted to the priest through ordination and to exemplify Christian service through humility and patience, honoring faith above politics. We are both receivers and conservators of this awesome treasure. This responsibility should produce a strong sense of humility. If it does not, then we do not comprehend our Holy Inheritance. Membership on the Church Community Council is first and foremost a lay ministry of the Church under the guidance of the Clergy.

Furthermore, the Council’s role is to educate themselves and the community that the Church Community Parish exists as one branch of a tree with heavenly roots; that the Church Community cannot live without getting sustenance from and giving support to the tree, that is the Church on earth, nor without the roots that are the Holy Trinity. Seminaries, missions, and bishops are all earthly instruments for the Faith, giving context to the ongoing life of the Parish. The Church Community cannot thrive without them and vice-versa.

Our Church Council

The Community Church Council at Sts. Peter and Paul consists of 11 members elected by the members-in-good-standing of the Community every two years. According to the Uniform Community Regulations, both the priest and the Community Church Council are responsible for the administration of community ministry and organization. For more information or to get in touch, please contact our church office.


President: Dimitrios Mitskos

Vice President: Panagiotis Panagos

Treasurer: Gina Deligianis

Secretary: Stathoula Paleshi

Member: Alex Themistocleous

Member: George Galatsis


Member: Spiros Anthoulakis

Member: Christos Triantafiliou

Member: Mel Deligianis

Member: Jim Edmondson

Member: Nick Karashialis

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