Levendogenia 2022-2023 Season

The new dance season is beginning, and we look forward to seeing all of our dancers again this year!

The participants will be organized into 4 groups with all groups practicing on Wednesday nights.

The start times are as follows (classes to be held weekly):
- Grades 3 & 4: From 6-7pm
- Grades 5 & 6: From 7-8pm
- Grades 7 & 8: From 7-8pm
- Grades 9-12 (Seniors): From 8-9pm

The costs for this year are as follows:
- Church Members = free
- Non-Church Members = $60 per dancer
The fee can be paid by cash, cheque, or via e-transfer to hellenicdance.goc@gmail.com (please update e-transfer email address, and add your full name to the notes section for accurate reconciliation)

Registration for the year will be available in person (during the first day of classes), or online through the provided link below:
If you have any questions about the upcoming year, please feel free to reach out to the newly created Levendogenia email address hellenicdance.goc@gmail.com (note the old email address has been decommissioned).
We look forward to seeing everyone!